Lose Baby Weight Fast - The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

About Us

Jago HolmesPlease allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I am the author and creator of "The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan". I am also the owner and principal trainer here at New Image Personal Training in Halifax, England. 

We work regularly with pregnant women and new moms every week in our exclusive 1 to 1 studios.

I am a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer. My company New Image Personal Training Ltd has been in operation for the past 10 years. We consistently get great results from our one to one clients and I am proud of the individual and exclusive service that they receive.

Expert Author

I have written regular newspaper articles for local press as well as publishing a range of digital eBooks and weight loss packages. I am an expert author for ezinearticles.com and I regularly present weight loss seminars as well as running my acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge'.

I studied at the University of Leeds, completing my training with YMCA in 2000 after 3 years when I attained the YMCA Personal Trainer award - one of the highest and most respected qualifications available in the UK for Personal Trainers.

As a personal trainer I often work with new moms.


One of the biggest problems I find that all new moms face is how to quickly lose baby weight, safely get rid of their pregnancy belly and how to find the time to do what is needed in order to get back in to shape quickly?


And this is a real problem, but one that needed fixing so that our clients could care for their new babies and also see rapid weight loss after pregnancy


I spent 2 years, planning and researching this new program...


red tick box    It needed to be easy to understand.


red tick box    It needed to take up minimal time, something which most new moms have little of.


red tick box    It needed to bring about noticeable and rapid results 


red tick box    It needed to slot right in to a new moms busy schedule.


So I then set about designing a system, using all of the hands on personal training experience I had and with the help of a number of clients who had just become new moms, to test, refine and improve the system until I finally created the PERFECT solution.


A complete post pregnancy plan which sets out in clear and specific detail exactly how to lose baby weight in lightning speed and flatten your pregnancy belly quickly.


I have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing and developing this system so that you don't need to.


This program has a proven track record of being extremely effective, yet it's quick and simple to use.


My new system had to include all the major elements of post pregnancy recovery. It had to include: -

  • Ways to lose baby weight at home after having a baby.
  • Including what to eat and when.
  • Which exercises and activities to do and when.

Also it needed to include some important components vital to promoting a full and rapid medical and mental recovery.


So I created a complete post pregnancy weight loss and recovery program - "The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan".


To find out more about how to lose your baby weight go here now - lose baby weight fast