Lose Baby Weight Fast - The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

Ruth's Journey - Quickly Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy - Fat to Fit in Just 8 Weeks

Following The "Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan"

The following pictures and statistics were taken at each stage of the 8 week period.  You can see Ruths very rapid progress in both the pictures and measurements.  

Seeing the changes like this shows you how quickly it's possible to lose baby weight after pregnancy.  It's amazing to see the way that your body responds to the changes both during and after having a baby. 

Everyone will lose weight and tone up at different rates, some will be quicker than Ruth, others may be slower, but here are her results.


WEEK 1                          WEEK 4                          WEEK 8

  post natal weight loss week1 side shot  lose weight after pregnancy - week 4 side shot  lose weight after pregnancy - final week on the baby belly fat loss plan 


2 days after giving birth

WEIGHT = 10st 0lbs, WAIST = 89cm, HIPS = 92cm, BODY FAT = 24.5%


lose weight after pregnancy - week 1 front lose weight after pregnancy - week 1 side 


 WEIGHT = 9st 11lbs, WAIST = 83cm, HIPS = 90cm 

 lose weight after pregnancy - 2 weeks after having a baby  lose weight after pregnancy - 2 weeks after a new baby, side view  lose weight after pregnancy - 14 days after having my baby, back view



WEIGHT = 9st 7lbs, WAIST = 80cm, HIPS = 90cm 

 3 weeks after having a baby lose weight after pregnancy - 3 weeks after having my baby, side lose weight after pregnancy - 3 weeks after a baby, back view



WEIGHT = 8st 12lbs, WAIST = 79cm, HIPS = 90cm = 22%

 lose weight after pregnancy - 4 weeks after giving birth lose weight after pregnancy - one month after having my baby, side view lose weight after pregnancy - 4 weeks after having my baby, back view



WEIGHT = 8st 10lbs, WAIST = 79cm, HIPS = 90cm

  lose weight after pregnancy - 5 weeks after having a baby 5 weeks post natal lose weight after pregnancy - 5 weeks after having a baby, back view



WEIGHT = 8st 9lbs, WAIST = 79cm, HIPS = 89cm

6 weeks after giving birth  After 6 weeks  Picture 6 weeks after giving birth



WEIGHT = 8st 8lbs, WAIST = 78cm, HIPS = 88cm


7 weeks after giving birth to a baby 7 weeks post natal 7 weeks after having my baby



WEIGHT = 8st 7lbs, WAIST = 76cm, HIPS = 87cm, BODY FAT = 20%

8 weeks post natal  after 8 weeks post natal  8 weeks after having my baby

So there you have it, Ruth's total transformation from being a tired and exhausted new mom in week one who looked washed out and stressed with an extremely poor self image and zero energy.

To feeling absolutely amazing and on top of the world by week eight.

I won't lie to you, in weeks seven and eight she started applying fake tan, had her eyebrows reshaped and really made more of an effort on her appearance. This does make her look a lot healthier, but I think you're always more inclined to do that when you feel good about yourself.

Nevertheless the photos don't lie. You can see how Ruth's stomach flattens in double quick time over the course of the 8 weeks.

Ruth also had extremely supportive people around her, but Tamzin was with her throughout the entire eight weeks, so she still managed to contend with that.

If you're reading this now and thinking to yourself, she wasn't that big to begin with or she doesn't have my body shape at all, it doesn't matter.

Ruth simply demonstrates how well this system works, there are other examples on the main page of women who've also used the exact same system Ruth did to lose her baby weight and get in to great shape in just 8 weeks.

If you're even considering whether you could have the time or the energy to do this plan, I would strongly urge you to give it a go, not only for yourself, but for your new baby.

Tamzin got so much fresh air and quality time with Ruth. She had more patience with Tamzin than she did with our first daughter - Megan. Mainly I'm sure because she felt better in herself.

So whether you decide to give this plan a try or not, you owe it to yourself to get back in to shape as quickly as you can after having your baby.

Ruth did have a natural birth with no complications so she managed to start the pelvic floor and pelvic tilting exercises straight away. If you're not as fortunate as that, just start as soon as you can.

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