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The Simple Solution for Rapid Cesarean Recovery

After giving birth via a c section, the body will need to be treated with care. Full cesarean recovery can take up to six months, but you should be able to start becoming a little more active within a few days.


Getting out of bed will seem daunting after the operation. Hospital staff will usually encourage you to get out of bed within the first 24 hours in order to help improve your circulation and start getting the bladder and bowels functioning again. 


Try pottering around your room in hospital at first, taking very small steps and having plenty of rest in between. This can be progressed after a couple of days to walking around the wards or hospital grounds, don’t try to do too much too soon, be patient. 


Moving around at this stage is vital because it helps speed up your cesaerean recovery by improving blood flow to the wound. Being active will also help to prevent the build of blood clots in the legs, which can potentially be very dangerous. 


The key to any recovery programme is to take things slowly. A plan of action should be formed which includes regular but gentle exercise. Starting off easily and increasing the distance you can walk gradually over the following days. 


Pushing your baby in a pushchair provides an excellent opportunity to become more active. Holding on to the handle will give you extra support, taking some of the workload off the abdominal muscles. The pushchair will also aid balance and help you maintain an upright position. 


Avoid walking up steep hills when walking with a pushchair until after your six week check up, as this places too much stress on the weakened stomach muscles. 


Whilst you are in discomfort you will be given medication to take away the pain. You need to be aware that any pain you could experience will be masked so don’t make the mistake of becoming too advanced with the things you do, just because you can’t feel any pain doesn’t mean it is ok for you to do. 


If you have any concerns about your cesarean recovery, be cautious in the type of exercise you attempt. Avoid any stretching, twisting, excessive bending or impact movements, for the first six to twelve weeks in order to protect the scar area.


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