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Losing baby Weight – Understanding the Facts

Losing baby weight is usually a concern for most new mums at some point, but there is often a misunderstanding of exactly what makes up this extra pregnancy weight. 


losing baby weight, monitoring progressDuring pregnancy a woman can expect to gain on average between 25 – 35 pounds.  Obviously for every woman this weight gain will different, some will gain more than others.


The list below gives an average breakdown of where the extra weight is from.

  • 7.5lbs is the average weight of a baby at birth
  • 7lbs comes from stored fat other nutrients
  • 4lbs is from the production of extra blood 
  • 4lbs is retained water and other bodily fluids  
  • 2lbs due to breast enlargement  
  • 2lbs from enlargement of the uterus 
  • 2lbs amniotic fluid surrounding the placenta 
  • 1lbs pound is the average weight of the placenta

Knowing what makes up your weight gain during your pregnancy allows you to understand exactly how much weight you need to lose and how much of that is likely to be stubborn body fat.


From the list above you can see that only a small percentage of the weight gained during pregnancy is actually from body fat. It is this fat that should be the focus of any program. 


Losing baby weight should be approached in a slow and methodical way.  


A diet high in quality wholesome foods and low in processed, packaged convenience meals is the ideal. The key here is to be organized, buy and prepare foods in advance. Making larger batches of each meal and freezing them makes things much easier at times. 


Exercise should be very low impact and not too physically demanding. Avoid any jumping or bounding activities for at least 12 weeks. Controlled resistance training can be started relatively soon after giving birth, but use only light weights and higher repetitions, taking care not to strain, twist or overexert. 


If you want to lose baby weight, burn fat, tone up and fit in to your pre pregnancy clothes in just 8 weeks from now, I recommend you read every word of this next page -

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