Lose Baby Weight Fast - The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

The 4 Essentials for Losing weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy can be a very daunting task, with the care of your new baby, your new role as a carer and having to put the health and well being of others before that of your own.  


Not only will it seem hard physically to fit in the time you need to commit to losing weight, but also mentally. Many women feel guilty about the fact that they still want to look feminine and beautiful after having children.  Follow these four essential rules for easy weight loss. 


Rule #1

Plan meals and snacks in advance.  Good nutrition is very important now, whether you are breastfeeding or not, getting the right types of nutrients to help speed fat loss is vital. List all the meals and snacks you will eat for the next seven days, then go out and buy them.  Keep treats to a bare minimum. 


Rule #2

Gradually increase the amount of activity you perform each day. Your body is primed for weight loss at this stage and will naturally try to return to pre pregnancy levels.  Plan to walk regularly with the pram each day. If you feel tired or run down, just go on a few short walks of no more than 10 minutes.  


Rule #3

Strengthen your tummy muscles, but don’t make the same mistake millions of other women do after having children by performing hundreds of sit ups. Pelvic tilting movements are the only exercises you should attempt straight after giving birth because they realign and strengthen the muscles without any risk of injuring the lower back or causing long term doming of the stomach muscles.


Rule # 4

Your pelvic floor has been stressed over the last nine months, even if you gave birth via a c section. These muscles need to be worked regularly every day to ensure a full recovery. They don’t take long, can be done anywhere and are easy to do. 


Whether your aim is to get back in great shape or just lose the spare tyre around your waist, losing weight after pregnancy doesn’t have to disrupt your life.  All it requires is a little organisation and planning. With the right strategy getting back in to shape will seem natural, fitting nicely in to your new lifestyle.


If you want to lose baby weight, burn fat, tone up and fit in to your pre pregnancy clothes in just 8 weeks from now, I recommend you read every word of this next page -

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