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Post Natal Exercise – How to Avoid Causing Long Term Injuries

For most new mothers who have been active prior to pregnancy, the urge to start post natal exercise may lead to returning to activity too soon.

For many women the initial emphasis will be to start exercising the stomach muscles in an attempt to flatten them. But anything other than gentle pelvic tilting exercises may cause doming and should be avoided until the muscles have realigned.  


There is a test called the ‘rec check’, in which two fingers of one hand are placed down the midline of the body in between the two bands of muscles. When the gap shortens to two fingers width, more advanced movements can be attempted. Regaining strength and stability to the muscles of the core is critical at this stage. 


Resistance or weight training can be started after six weeks as long as there is no pain in the back or any of the joints especially the pelvis. Because of the hormone relaxin the tendons and ligaments of the body will provide less support to the joints. It is at this stage that many long term injuries can be caused.  


All post natal exercise should be performed in a stable position with full lower back support. Don’t attempt to take exercises to failure or fatigue at this stage of your recovery because this could prove too much for the nervous system to take so soon after the trauma of childbirth. Select exercises that don’t stretch the muscles too far and work with light weights and higher repetitions of around 15 – 25. 


Avoid high impact activities for the first few weeks as these are harder to perform in a controlled manner and because of joint laxity around the pelvis and lower back could prove too challenging and potentially lead to long term injuries. 


The pelvic floor muscles will also be weakened and unable to cope with the impact from this type of exercise so they will need to be trained regularly. 


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