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Post Pregnancy Diet – Why It’s Vitally Important to Get it Right Now

For most new moms their post pregnancy diet holds little importance. A well balanced diet during pregnancy often falls by the wayside afterwards.


During pregnancy you may have craved some foods and felt as though you needed to eat for two. During this time you do need to eat a little more.


The importance of a balanced post pregnancy diet

After pregnancy there is not the same need for extra calories and this can be one of the major causes of long term weight problems for new moms.  


Overeating during pregnancy expands your stomach in size meaning you will need more food to fill it. Your body’s hunger response is governed by this process, so to avoid feeling hungry all the time you will need to reduce your stomach size.


To do this, reduce portion sizes and the amount of food you consume gradually over a few days. 


Getting it right can be very difficult unless a specific post pregnancy eating plan is followed. 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan' includes a balanced 8 week diet plan including recipes and shopping lists, guaranteed to help you lose weight and get in to great shape quickly after pregnancy.


During pregnancy it is strongly advised to avoid drinking alcohol, after however there can be a sudden urge to start drinking again. 


Whilst there is nothing wrong with the odd glass, overdoing it will certainly hinder your weight loss efforts. Also remember that any toxins you put in to your body whilst breast feeding will in some way make it through your breast milk and in to your baby. 


Your post pregnancy diet should contain a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables with as little processed foods as possible to help weight loss, assist in repair, provide energy and help to raise your self esteem.  


Time will be an issue with the extra chores and tasks associated with having a new baby so get organised.  Write shopping lists in advance, plan out meals and snacks and only buy the items on your list. 


In your planning allow for treats but make sure they are a rarity and not a regular occurrence. 


A post pregnancy diet shouldn’t be too calorie restrictive, you don’t need to starve yourself. Try to gradually cut down on the amount of food you eat and ensure that what you are eating is high in quality and low in quantity.


If you want to lose baby weight, burn fat, tone up and fit in to your pre pregnancy clothes in just 8 weeks from now, I recommend you read every word of this next page -

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