Lose Baby Weight Fast - The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

Post Pregnancy Exercise – The 4 Secrets To Your Success

The secret to post pregnancy exercise is to take things slowly. Don’t rush in to being more active or you run the risk of causing major long term joint and weight gain problems.


Post pregnancy exercise - walking is idealIt is vital that whatever you decide to do is physically possible and can fit comfortably in to your daily schedule which now includes baby care amongst many other things.


Lack of sleep and tiredness are major factors in determining whether you will be able to commit to a programme of gentle exercise. The key to this is to prioritise. You need sleep, so instead of doing housework when your baby is sleeping use that time to catch up on yours.


As the days pass, you will feel stronger and more energetic and be able to keep on top of things much easier, but for now don’t worry about the housework


If you can motivate yourself to get active, you will notice a massive difference in postpartum weight loss, energy levels, confidence and patience with your baby.


Here are the 4 vital elements of post pregnancy exercise you need to concentrate on: -


1.  Pelvic floor strengthening exercises - these need to be done immediately after giving birth and done throughout the day, every day.


2.  Pregnancy specific stomach exercises - don’t do sit ups at first, they could very well leave you with a rounded stomach for the rest of your life. 


3.  Regular aerobic or fat burning exercise - walking with the pram is perfect, just make sure you progress slowly and constantly improve what you are doing. 


4.  A healthy diet - vital during pregnancy even more important now, not just for you but also for your baby if you are breastfeeding. Getting it right now could see you in the best shape of your life, get it wrong and you could very well consign yourself to a weight problem for as long as you live. 


If you want a program of post pregnancy exercise to lose baby weight, burn fat, tone up and fit in to your pre pregnancy clothes in just 8 weeks from now, I recommend you read every word of this next page - lose baby weight now