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Recovery From C Section – How To Make A Quick And Safe Recovery

During a standard Caesarean delivery the abdominal muscles don’t actually get cut and as such their recovery from c section is exactly the same as for a vaginal birth.

It is very normal to feel numbness and a loss of sensation around the scar site, this is due to the loss of feeling in the nerves of the skin only, not from the muscles underneath which have not been affected and will respond normally to specific post pregnancy exercise.

A standard c section is called a lower segment section where an incision of about six inches is made horizontally just above the pubic bone (just around the bikini line).

Initially this scar may look very red, but over a few months should fade to a less noticeable pink. In time the scar should almost disappear, but may always look slightly lighter in colour than normal skin.

Your post operation recovery will feel more comfortable if you wear larger underwear so the waistband doesn’t press on the scar. You will need to wear sanitary pads after giving birth because you will still experience bleeding from the uterus as for a vaginal birth. 

Support your abdomen with your hands or something soft when you laugh or cough and make sure you get good pain relief from your midwife or doctor.

Keep an eye on your incision scar regularly to monitor for any changes in colour or shape which may be a sign of infection.

You should also include specific post pregnancy exercise and pelvic floor work.  Although the pelvic floor muscles haven't been stretched from a natural birth, they have still suffered the effects of the Relaxin hormone which increases elasticity in the area.

Also consider the pelvic floor has supported the growing baby for the last nine months which increased the stress upon it making it vital to strengthen the area.

Don’t rush your convalescence. Move around the house slowly but often, avoid stairs as much as possible. Use pillows to support you when sitting and sleeping. If you suffer from wind or bloating, try rocking gently in a chair and avoid drinking fizzy or cold drinks.

If you have any concerns about your recovery from c section you should be very cautious in the type of exercise you do, you should follow a specific post pregnancy exercise programme to avoid any long term complications. 

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