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Your Stomach After Pregnancy – Lose It Now or Get Used to it Forever

To many women their stomach after pregnancy is a big concern. It's often either very large and bloated or else saggy and floppy. No matter what condition your stomach is in, now is the time to flatten it using your body’s own natural ability for recovery and repair. 


Picture of a stomach after pregnancyDuring pregnancy the hormone Relaxin allows the abdominal muscles to stretch in many ways. Your waistline may have increased in width by as much as twenty inches and in length by almost eight inches. 


Because of the presence of Relaxin, and the way your body is primed to recover after pregnancy, this presents an amazing opportunity to get in to great shape and flatten your stomach muscles forever. 


During pregnancy, the two bands of muscles separate down the midline of the body. This is an on going effect called Diastasis Recti and is completely natural and painless. 


Your abdominal muscles will naturally tighten to some degree, after just three or four days the muscles will start to realign. However they may take up to six months to recover fully and unless specific post pregnancy exercises are followed you may have seen the last of your flat tummy. 


If you do want to reshape your stomach after pregnancy and see dramatic improvements in your shape then you need to follow a specifically designed tummy tightening programme, such as the one found in ‘The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan’ 


Any exercise that helps to shorten the muscles will speed up recovery. These exercises should be started immediately after delivery or as soon as possible thereafter. The muscles will stay weak unless they are exercised on a regular basis. 


It is vital to avoid performing any exercises that stretch the stomach and force the rectus muscles further apart as this leads to long term doming and may consign you to having a rounded stomach after pregnancy forever. 


Bear in mind that some of the increase in the size of your abdomen will be extra body fat gained and this should be eliminated by increasing activity levels and following a specific post pregnancy diet such as the one found in ‘The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan’


If you want to lose baby weight, burn fat, tone up and fit in to your pre pregnancy clothes in just 8 weeks from now, I recommend you read every word of this next page -

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